Sun Worship Salutation 19

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Sun Salutations

All these Sun Salutations were filmed in the west side of Maui. The original clips were shot with 2 cameras and used for the second series sequence of Sun Salutations but I wanted to bring you the sun shot.

Most of these clips are shot into the sun making it hard to see what is going on.

The narration is also left out so that you can appreciate the artistic scenery and calmness these yoga videos bring. It is a wonderful gift to be able to freely sequence in the sun and it is my pleasure to share this gift with you..

Yoga is an art and these videos bring you a grain of sand in the art of sequencing…

Love and blessings

Mark Giubarelli

Description: Crooked Eight Limb Hips
This is a very different flow with many blended hip openers and arm balance poses woven into the vinyasa. Some very old poses exist in this flow such as Crooked Eight Limb Sage and Forming the Bow pose Akarna Dhanurasana.

Sun Salutation Instructions

1. Exhale in the mountain pose. Tadasana

2. Inhale stretch up.

3. Exhale down into a forward bend. Uttanasana

4. Inhale and step one leg back. Lunge Pose

5. Exhale and step back into One Leg Downward Dog pose.
Eka Pada Adho Muka Svanasana.

6. Inhale drop carefully down with the knee to Pigeon pose. Grab the leg behind you and bend it so that the quadriceps muscles are stretched. Hold for a breath.

7. On an exhale unwind the back leg into a very old pose called Akarna Dhanurasana

Inhale bow down and wrap the legs around the arm in another old pose called Astavakrasana the Crooked Eight Limb Sage pose.

9. Inhale come out of the arm balance and exhale into Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana. This is a seated lateral stretch. It is sometimes nicer just to extend the arm out even if yo can touch the toes. 

10. Inhale take the hands down and exhale pop the leg that’s out sideways over the top of the arm in a somewhat challenging pose called Koundinyasana 2.

11. Inhale forward into a Lunge Pose.

12. Exhale into a standing forward bend. Uttanasana

13. Inhale into the Chair pose. Utkatasana

14. Exhale into the mountain pose. Tadasana

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Vinyasa Yoga Suggestions

This seems like a hard sequence to master but the arm balances are actually pretty easy when you understand how to shift the body weight. Practice and you will master this sequence.

Anjaneyasana lunge pose

Crescent Moon pose can easily be blended in at the end when the step forward occurs.

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Yoga Postures Involved

yoga pose - tadasana
asana utanasana Downward Dog Yoga Posture Kapotasana Shooting Bow Pose Yoga Posture Janu SirsasanaKoundinyasanachair pose utkatasana