Shoulder Pain Infraspinatus

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The origin of the infraspinatus is the fossa of scapula. It inserts into the back of the shoulder joint capsule (posterior aspect of greater tuberosity of humerus).
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Slightly abduct the arms and bend the elbows bent at 90 degrees. Place your hands on the outside of their arms. Encourage gentle force that opens their arms and externally rotates them.


The Triangle Pose in Yoga
This is a postures in yoga that uses the Infraspinatus.

Fact: Supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendon tears  are the most common rotator cuff muscle tears.

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The infraspinatus muscle laterally rotates the arm. It is the primary muscle force resposible for external rotation. It also adducts the arm and is involved in extension at the shoulder joint.
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Infraspinatus Injury

Both overloading the muscle on a regular basis or repetitive strain related to outward rotation of the arm can injure your Infraspinatus.




Infraspinatus tears usually result in loss of ability to externally rotate the arm.
The infraspinatus is located behind your shoulder but pain symptoms are usually felt in your front shoulder.