Twisted Vinyasa

This yoga fitness flow can be used in a Sun Salutation or it can be repeated a number of times each time coming back to Downward Dog pose and then switching the opposite way.
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Most yoga practitioners will be tempted to do a backbend such as Cobra pose or Upward Facing Dog pose during the push up phase where you come down to 4 Limb pose. This is an option but in order to keep the spine healthy and not cause repetitive injuries in the low back discs or ligaments it is
recommended that you enter these backbend poses after 3 or 4 flows with the push ups alone if you must enter them.
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The fast motions into these backbends increase the chance of injury and entering them many times on a regular basis always causes a dull ache in the lower back ligaments. It’s not so bad if you only do yoga once or twice a week.
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Here is the instructions for the yoga fitness flow.

Exhale into Downward Dog

Inhale into Plank Pose.

Exhale Down to Eight Limb Pose.

Inhale back up to Plank Pose.

Exhale back to One Leg Downward Dog pose. Left leg up and back.

Inhale and step the left leg forward in a Lunge pose.

Exhale and twist in the lunge pose raising the left arm up.

Inhale and unwind into a Raised lunge pose which is also known as another version of Warrior 1 pose. It is a little better for you than the deep version of Warrior 1.

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