Lateral Side Flow

This yoga fitness flow is a beautiful combination of lateral standing poses that flow well together and strengthen the quadriceps while stretching the hamstrings.

It is often good to combine straight leg standing yoga poses with bent leg ones in a vinyasa yoga sequence. This prevents the muscles from becoming fatigued and allows you to recover while progressing in different areas. The yoga fitness flow has a simple exit into a supported lunge and then back to Downward Dog pose.

Here is the instructions for the yoga fitness flow.

Inhale into Warrior 2 pose with the left knee bent.

Exhale and straighten the left leg into Triangle pose.

Inhale up to Warrior 2 pose once again.

Exhale into Triangle pose once again.

Inhale into a lunge pose bringing the right hand down as you bend the left knee.

Exhale into Downward Dog pose.

There are many poses that can be done before switching onto the opposite side but the fastest and simplest way is to simple step the right leg forward into a lunge before entering Warrior 2 pose on the opposite side.

You could come forward to a push up position then down too 4 limb pose before coming up to Cobra pose of Upward Facing Dog pose and then come back to Downward Dog pose before progressing.

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