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The yoga fitness flow starts with a basic standing pose stretch. It is easy to step into this pose from the main yoga pose called Mountain pose or Tadasana. There are many forward bends in this sequence so you may want to come up to Cobra pose for a while after the Downward Dog pose.

Here is the instructions for the yoga fitness flow.

Inhale and stretch the arms up over the head in the first standing pose. The right leg is stepped back.

Exhale into the forward bend. The hands can be interlocked behind the back as shown or they can be placed down.

Inhale as you raise out of the pose then point both legs on the same
direction taking them a little wider apart. Exhale down and place the hands down for support.

Inhale as you raise out and turn the legs the opposite way so that this time the right leg is forward. Exhale down into the pose.

Inhale and raise up into the standing pose with the upper body up shown in the center of the yoga fitness flow picture. This time the pose will be the opposite way than when you began.

Exhale down to the right in the Triangle pose. Then inhale come up and turn the legs the opposite way exhaling down to Triangle pose the opposite way.

Inhale as you raise out of Triangle pose on the left side.

Point both feet in the same direction and exhale down again.

Inhale raise up a little and exhale step the legs back into Downward Dog.