Lateral Flow

Plenty of arm yoga positions make this yoga fitness sequences strengthen the arms as well as working the legs well. It differs from most sequences as it enters standing poses on the same side after moving through Downward Dog and 4 Limb pose. Quite often you will find it is more balanced to go onto the opposite side if poses are done on one side and then you move down and up before stepping forward again.
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Here is the instructions for the yoga fitness flow.

Exhale into Downward Dog.

Inhale step the left leg forward into Supported Lunge pose.

Exhale turn sideways into Extended Side Angle.

Inhale into Supported Lunge pose.

Exhale into One Leg Downward Dog pose.

Inhale forward into Plank pose.

Exhale into 4 Limb pose.

Inhale up to Plank pose.

Exhale back into One Leg Downward Dog pose.
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