Yoga Teacher Tips 7

7 # Breaking the ice
There are many things to consider when doing your initial introduction to your class. You want to be brief ,you want to be inspiring, you want to introduce what you are about, you want to break people gossiping and initiate the start.

You can clap a couple of times loudly to get order and then say something politely like come to seated meditation or come to standing at the front of your mat then progress with a welcome and a positive message.

You can continue by saying your name a little about your style if you want to differentiate yourself from other things maybe you are branding a specific style. This is important.

Remember- people always remember the beginning and end of things, open strong. Your polite, confident and clear- you project perfectly but you never yell. Yet your energy and cadence take over the room, they have come to learn from you. You think of Patanjali “Now is the time for Yoga”. If you are tired be sure to open up confidently and strong, say some inspiring and helpful things, get them out of their minds and into their bodies with breath and movement, then just give them Yoga, stick to ques and breath. Try to end with a beautiful message or meditation.

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