Free Hand King Pigeon Pose

Salamba Shraddha Hasta Raja Kapotasana

Translation: Free Hand King Pigeon Pose


This pose can be entered from a number of different postures. In Lotus or half Lotus one leg can simply be taken behind the body. From Downward Dog or One leg Downward Dog the knee can simply be placed on the mat. From the Cat Tilt or Child pose take one knee forward.

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Bring one knee forward and to the edge of the mat. Take the foot of the bent leg forward to stretch the knee also. Stretch the other leg back. Lengthen through the inside of the leg all the way to the big toe.

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Place the hands on the mat in front of the leading leg for an easier pose. Place the hands under the hips for a slightly harder pose. (You can place the finger tips on the mat for a better stretch around the shoulders). Whatever you decide to do the force of this arm pressure will reduce the pressure on the hip. This may be done for relief or for balance.



Open your hands out when you feel settled on the hips.

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This is a hip stretch but can also stretch the muscles of the knee in the leading leg. The lower back is also stretched. The major muscle that is stretched here is the glutues maximus but other muscles are also stretched such as the glutues minimus, piriformis, the orbturator internus with is part of the pelvic mat, the superior gemellus, inferior gemellus and the gluteus minimus. The quadratus femoris a big muscle that is behind the hip and femur is also stretched.


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