Beginners Headstand Pose

The Headstand – Sirsasana

Translation: Headstand

headstand pose sirsasana

The headstand is a major pose in yoga. It is necessary to build the muscles in the spine and neck before attempting this pose.


For a good headstand one must understand the art of simply standing. See the fundamentals of standing yoga poses.


The Headstand can be entered from a number of different poses. Some of the easiest are The Child Pose, Cat Tilt and Downward Dog.


From the Child pose clasp the hands together interlocking the fingers. Keep the elbows shoulder width apart if possible. (They have a tendency to open.)


Place the Top of the head on the mat and the back of the head against the clasped fingers.

Straighten the legs raising the tailbone upwards.


Place one knee one one elbow, then when you feel secure ,place the other.



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