Pigeon Flies to Tree (No 13)

This is a sweet yoga flow that creates flexibility in the hips and also strengthens them. It strengthens the gluteus muscles on the One Leg Downward Dog and Half Moon pose.

It is good practice to balances stretches with strengthening exercises. However the order in which this is done often changes. Basically any way is quite healthy especially when a joint is involved. In this case it is the hips that are opened and stretched.

Go slow the first few times so that the hips open up before flowing.
This method of Vinyasa yoga sequencing is called slow to fast sequencing. It works well and is safe!

After you have warmed up you can hold and explore the yoga poses in more detail.



Stand in Tadasana.








Inhale into a backbend.

Exhale into a forward bend.







Inhale and step the right leg back.







Exhale into Downward Dog with the left leg
raised up and back.






Inhale place the left leg down. Slowly the
first time






Exhale and bow down with respect and 


Inhale raise the arms up. Delay the inhalation a bit as its
a long way to travel.

Exhale into Pigeon pose. You may want to stay here for a

You may want to hole this pose for a breath.

Exhale into One Leg Downward Dog,

Adho Mukha Svanasana
. The left leg is up and back.

Inhale and step the left leg forward.







Exhale extend the left arm out to the left
and raise the right leg in Half Moon Pose.


The right arm is raised and the gaze is upward towards the


Exhale and place the right foot over the
left quadriceps on the left.

You may want to hold this pose for a breath.

Inhale and enter Tree pose with the right
foot placed into the left thigh.

The arms can be wide apart for easier balance.

Exhale into Tadasana with the hands in prayer position.

Perform the same sequence on the opposite leg. If you like
you can vary the headstand sequence each time or simple
perform the same one.