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All these Sun Salutations were filmed in the west side of Maui. The original clips were shot with 2 cameras and used for the second series sequence of Sun Salutations but I wanted to bring you the sun shot.

Most of these clips are shot into the sun making it hard to see what is going on.

The narration is also left out so that you can appreciate the artistic scenery and calmness these yoga videos bring. It is a wonderful gift to be able to freely sequence in the sun and it is my pleasure to share this gift with you..

Yoga is an art and these videos bring you a grain of sand in the art of sequencing…

Love and blessings

Mark Giubarelli

Description: Drop Down Head to Knee

This yoga flow demonstrates lateral standing poses blended with a seated forward bend. Showing an interesting way to blend down and up.

Sun Salutation Instructions

1. This Sun Salutation starts of in Warrior 2 pose. The felt leg is forward.

2. The left leg is straightened into the Triangle pose.

3. The left arm is then taken to the mat for a lunge pose. This is best to do with an inhalation since the next pose compresses the lungs.

4. This pose is tricky to see with the shot we have. It is a pose like Janu Sirsasana except we sit on the heel. In this case it is the heel of the right foot. This provides a little raise changing the focus of the stretch on the left hamstring.

5. The next pose is a deep lunge called Crescent Moon pose. It blends well with the previous pose and stretches the inner thigh muscles on both legs well.

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Vinyasa Yoga Suggestions

This sequence should be performed on the other side in the same order.

1. You can step forward to a standing forward bend then step the left leg back to
Warrior 2 pose.

2. You can step back to Downward Dog Pose then step forward to Warrior 2 opposite way.

3. You can step back to Downward Dog Pose go through Cobra or Upward Dog Pose back into Downward Dog pose then into Warrior 2 (right leg forward) after a step forward.

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Yoga Postures Involved

Yoga Posture Warrior 2 Yoga Posture trikonasanaYoga Posture Janu Sirsasana Anjaneyasana lunge pose