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Home Yoga

This home yoga sequence shows Tadasana then Triangle pose. The legs can be stepped apart of one leg can be stepped back to enter Triangle pose. In many yoga classes Triangle pose is held for the same amout of time on both sides but if you are practicing at home hold for longer on your tighter side. Hold this pose for at least 5 deep breaths.

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Breathing With a Flow

After Triangle pose has been performed enter the standing forward bend for at least 5 deep relaxed breaths.

Inhale and raise up half way and exhale when you walk or jump back to Downward Dog pose.

As a flow you could inhale stepping in a way that prepares you for Triangle pose then exhale into Triangle pose.

Inhale as you come out of Triangle pose and exhale into it the opposite way.

Inhale as you come out and exhale into the forward bend.

Inhale lift half way with the upper body and exhale back to Downward Dog pose.

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