Home Yoga Practice

This is a simple Cobra pose flow. The spine is moved in backbends and then the opposite way allowing the spine to be properly stretched. The sequence also stretches the arms.

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Enter Plank pose with an inhalation then exhale down to 8 limb pose. Hold 8 limb pose for at least 3 breaths. 8 limb pose helps to move blood to the thyroid and upper chest. It is a gentle way to move the element of water into this area and there are not many other yoga poses that can do this so make sure you embrace your time in it.

Then inhale up to Cobra pose holding for at least 5 breaths. Hold a light stretch and enter a mild boundary.

Exhale back to Child pose. Hold for the same amount of time you held Cobra pose.

Exhale back to Cat pose. In inhale to Cow pose and exhale back to Downward Dog pose.

Flow breathing instructions

1. Inhale into Plank pose.

2. Exhale into 8 limb pose.

3. Inhale into Cobra pose.

4. Exhale back to Child pose.

6. Inhale into Cow pose.

7. Exhale and raise the spine up. Cat Pose.

8. Inhale beck to Cow pose.

9. Exhale back to Downward Dog pose.

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