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Yoga at home

The yoga postures below can be sequenced in many ways. They stretch the spine well and the flow can be repeated many times.

home yoga cobra flow
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Begin in Child pose then inhale into Cow pose.

Exhale into Cat pose raising the spine up.

Inhale back to Cow pose. Feel free to do this as many times as you like or hold either pose for a while to stretch better.

Exhale back to Downward Dog pose. Hold for up to 5 breaths or flow straight through the pose.

Inhale forward to Plank pose. Hold for up to 3 breaths of flow through Plank pose.

Exhale down to 8 limb pose. Let your knees, chest and chin come down. Hold for up to 5 breaths or continue to flow.

Inhale into a Cobra pose that is mild and uses many of the back muscles to hold you up rather than the arms. This means the variation of Cobra pose will strengthen rather than stretch the spine. Hold for up to 5 breaths or flow through it.

Exhale into Locust pose raising the arms back. The legs are together to tighten and tone gluteal muscles as well as low back muscles. The combination of the variation of Cobra pose and then Locust pose really strengthens the back all along the spine. Hold for up to 3 breaths of just flow through it.

Inhale into a deeper Cobra pose this time using the arms for support a lot more. This way the spine is stretched well after the 2 previous strengthening poses. You can hold this pose up to 5 breaths of flow through it.

Exhale back into Locust pose to tone the spine once again.

Inhale into Cat pose. Take the hands down and push yourself up bringing the knees down. Do this while inhaling.

Exhale into Cat pose. You can flow in Cat and Cow as you inhale and exhale many times or hold Cow pose so that the spine gets stretched the opposite way. This is important after so many backbends for spinal balance.

Rest in Child pose.

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