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A lot of yoga teacher training's try to cover a broad range of yoga topics in a short period of time. Too many topics, unfortunately,  dilute the quality of teaching potential teachers specifically how to handle people and guide them through a series of safe yoga poses.

If you missed out on sequences during your training download our yoga videos for some inspiration on how to flow. Hundreds of sequences to learn.
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Sometimes yoga teacher trainings don't have time to cover how to teach safe classes and deal with various injuries. 
Take a look at our alternative medicine with yoga section for some ideas.

Here are some necessary components of a good quality yoga teacher training. All else should come after. Learning the history of yoga and old text will take away from the potential teachers ability to teach a good flowing yoga class and may even bore students. These should be separate courses.

1. Learn about Yoga Postures. YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

  • The names of Yoga Postures. Time to learn minimum of 40 hours. Time needed to memorize about 100 hours and up.

  • The most essential Yoga Postures. There are thousands of Yoga Postures so it's best to go by a rule. If the benefits outweigh the risks of a Yoga Posture it is worthy or practicing it in a class environment. If the benefits do not outweigh the risks for any particular Yoga Posture do not include it in a yoga class. ie headstand and shoulderstand unless they are advanced groups.

  • The effects of Yoga Postures which muscles are affected and how. For this one needs to learn anatomy and kinesiology. Minimum of 200 hours

  • How to properly guide people into Yoga Postures. Examples of clear and accurate yoga instruction. This is a fine art. Choosing correct words to describe an action and not going of on tangents of unnecessary information is something that can always be improved. Learning this from yoga teachers that have been teaching for years is essential. Minimum of 200 hours with guidance and continual teaching in front of fellow students and monitoring the response of words and there effects on students.

  • How to motivate verbally. Using Verbal instruction to motivate and inspire. 40 hours and up. You don't want to be learning this from a boring flat toned yoga teacher.

Many times in yoga teacher trainings potential yoga teachers will be taught to say one specific thing when guiding people. This puts them in a box. If fundamentals of good verbal instructing are given then this gives more freedom and sensibility. It also allows new yoga teachers to sound more authentic rather than repeating something like a parrot.YOGA TEACHERS

2. Teaching Yoga to special needs and preventing Injuries or aggravation.

  • Teaching potential teachers about special needs and how to teach a safe and effective class. 200 hour and up. How to identify and prevent back injuries in yoga would probably take about 100 hours alone. There are special tips and guidance for yoga and knee injuries, neck injuries, hip injuries and shoulder injuries the list goes on. This is more important than teaching about old yoga text in a yoga teacher training but usually gets put aside as specialists in these fields are lacking.

  • Learning special verbal instruction tips to be said to prevent injury. Should be taught under proper verbal guidance. 60 hour and up.


3. Learn about Yoga Breathing.

  • A basic knowledge of yoga breathing is all that's needed as most yoga students are bored and uninterested in the deeper aspects of Pranayama. Minimum 60 hour and up.


4. Meditation and relaxation.

  • Basics of Mediation and Various practices that can be applied to a class. Most students come to a yoga class to work out so spending too much time learning how to teach yoga meditation and breathing can take away from the important aspects of why people come to class even though Yoga cannot actually be obtained without meditation. Ah sadly there is no demand for real yoga. 60 hour and up.

  • Learning to teach proper relaxation techniques. 40 hours and up.


5. Basic knowledge of Old Yoga text.

  • Learning old text and how they can inspire yoga students in a class should be included in a yoga teacher training. Many training push these text such as the Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which is good, but many times takes away precious time from potential yoga teacher to learn about safety, effective classes and proper verbal instruction. 400 hours and up.

    It is good if you can learn some of these old text in a way that can be applied to inspire students rather than scratching your head in a confused state trying to figure out the meaning of old spiritual statements. A lot of time is wasted here in teacher trainings. Yoga teachers that don't even fully understand many of the statements try to teach them in a confusing way. Someone that truly understands these old text will teach them in a very understandable way and teach you how you can teach them to students in a way they will also understand.


Add up the hours needed to gain a lot of knowledge on the topics. There are no yoga teachers trainings  available that can cover this so a bare minimum is taught.

Before you join a yoga teacher training you should make sure those teaching you have plenty of experience. Look for yoga teachers that have taught more than 3000 yoga classes. They will have seen a lot and their experience will help prevent you making common mistakes when teaching.


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