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Yoga Teacher Training - Aspects Of Quality Yoga Teachers

Aspects of Yoga Teachers to help motivate students by Mark Giubarelli

yoga teacher trainingYoga teachers are popping up everywhere these days with the popularity of yoga and this truly is a good thing. Yoga teacher training has become widespread and provides great financial support for those institutions making them available.

yoga teacher trainingyoga teacher trainingQualification range from 2 day courses to apparent  200 hour yoga teacher trainings certified by the yoga alliance. The 200 hour yoga teacher training rarely has potential yoga teachers in contact with an experienced yoga teacher professional for the entire 200 hours. In fact in most cases they only have about 40 hours with professional teachers and the rest of the time is study and research. Often missing the essence of  learning how to teach others as the time to reflect upon and practice teaching others is only a fraction of a program. A major part of a program is taking your average yoga class which counts towards hours on a certificate. 

In many trainings safety is barely covered. It takes about 40 hours to learn the basics of dealing with people with back injury.

9 times out of 10 there is no test to prove their learned knowledge as they have paid good money for the yoga teacher program and keeping paying customers happy is essential to those receiving the cash. Yoga teacher training has become a money train at your expense.

200 hours is barely enough time to teach potential teachers one aspect of teaching methodology let alone all of the aspects that make up a great yoga teacher. You remember school or college.  How long did it take for you to learn a subject  well?.

The sad fact is many  yoga teachers are only getting 40 hours of quality training before they are out teaching yoga.  That’s only a week’s worth of studying before your safety is put in their hands.

Learn some of the aspects and qualities a good yoga teacher should have.

Qualities Of Good Yoga Teachers.

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