Yoga Teacher Training - Making Yoga Classes FLow

Increasing Class Quality with Cutting Edge Flows - by Mark Giubarelli

Studies have shown participants greatly prefer yoga classes that flow well. This means that the transitions from one yoga posture to the other are smooth and feel good.

Teaching highly effective yoga classes involves well blended yoga exercises that challenge the muscle strength, endurance and flexibility safely.

Flow yoga generally applies to classes that move through many yoga postures in blended sequences.

When choosing classes that flow well one must take into consideration Yoga posture that blend well and complement each other.

Blending backbends and lying spinal twists can sometimes be a nice combination.

It is important to progress gradually from a simple movement or pose to a more complex. This is so that practitioners will be able to follow new flows. Wait until practitioners show signs of mastering a yoga flow before adding and progressing further.

Here are some examples of yoga sequences that flow well together. Use them in your yoga classes and modify them if you need to.

Simple Sun Salutation
Shows a simple walk back and forwards in a Sun Salutation. Good option for yoga beginners.
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Total Duration: 01:37
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Simple Sun Salutation 2
This Sun Salutation has a step back and walk forward. A good choice if stepping forward is hard.
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Total Duration: 02:57
No 10

Upward  Side Angle
Shows a variation of Extended Side Angle and Warrior 3 Prep. Shows nice winding transition.
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Total Duration: 01:37
No 3

Humble Crescent Moon
A nice flow from Extended Side Angle, Warrior 1 and Warrior 2. A flow that blends well.
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Total Duration: 02:45
No 4

video yoga  Triangle to Lunge
Flow though Triangle Reverse Triangle and a deep lunge. 
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Total Duration: 01:28
No 5

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Upward Warrior 2
Flow stretches both sides of the body with Extended Side Angle and Upward Warrior 2.
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Total Duration: 01:25
No 6

Warrior Lunge Flow
Flow moves though Triangle and Warrior poses before entering a Lunge pose.
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Total Duration: 02:33
No 7
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Traditional Warrior Flow
This Sun Salutation flows through Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Warrior 3.
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Total Duration: 01:46
No 8

video yoga Side Stretch to Lunge
A spinal twist on the way back and a side stretch to a deep lunge.
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Total Duration: 01:27
No 9
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Twist twice to Lunge
A standing spinal twist is performed on the step back and forward.
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Total Duration: 01:23
No 10

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