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Exhale into the seated forward bend called Paschimottasana.

On an exhalation Roll back onto your spine and bring the legs to the chest. If you are not flexible bend them but make sure your hamstrings still feel like they are stretching. You can rock a little to put the bones in the spine into alignment.

Straighten your body flat on the floor. Stretch out for a few breaths then raise into Fish pose.

On an exhalation roll forward and back up to Boat pose. This transition is easier with the knees bent.

Roll back to Plough pose. This pose is usually done with the hands supporting the back. The version shown is not so deep and feels a little better on the neck muscles but is harder to balance.

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Printable Yoga sequence link

The sequence above stretches and strengthens the spine.


written by Mark Giubarelli

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