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  • When doing yoga for therapeutic reasons one must be careful not to perform certain yoga postures too deep. Many times a yoga pose that has therapeutic yoga effects has the opposite effect as too deep often aggravates a condition.

    See more about yoga for back pain. Shows a variety of different yoga exercise for back pain.

    therapeutic yoga for back painSimple spinal twists can be done for low back pain to relieve and balance the back muscles. They also open the spine to give more room for nerve energy movement. Blocked or suppressed nerves is often the cause of pain so this pose can be good to include in a therapeutic yoga sequence of exercises for back pain.

    See a simple yoga therapy sequence for low back pain.


    When Cobra pose is performed too high it can aggravate the lower back but when done in a mild boundary it has therapeutic yoga effect.

    Look at the Cobra pose below for a more mild stretch.

    Be careful not to push back the way with your force in Cobra pose as this pushes on already strained discs.

    A little tip is to pull the navel up slightly.
    This provides space in the lower back. Always perform good posture and keep space back there whether sitting down or standing. By the way how is your posture now a you read this.

    Raise your spine straight and keep that posture good as you sit.

    therapeutic yoga for the knees


    The Child pose in yoga is often therapeutic for the knees. When a knee is injured it become swollen and often times it is hard to use. Stretching the knees lightly increases the range of motion in the knees.

    But when performed with too much haste or too deep this yoga pose can aggravate the knees. So quite often the most therapeutic yoga pose can aggravate a condition. Read more about protecting knee injuries in yoga and some useful knee injury exercises.

    cat flow

    Cat Flow shown left is very good for your lower back. It should be performed 8 to 2 time in the morning and at night.

    written by Mark Giubarelli


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