Rising Crescent Moon with Triangle

In this version we enter the Crescent Moon Lunge on the step back and enter a standing sequence on the way forward. The legs can be switched each time or the same side can be done on the step back and step forward.



The first posture is  Sradha Hasta Tadasana.

Sradha means faith, Hasta means hands.



Exhale all the air leaving only a little in the lungs.




Inhale stretch the arms up and tilt lightly forward with the pelvis.

safety Tip!
If your back is healthy and it feels good tilt more than shown but it is not necessary and sometimes it can hurt the discs.


Exhale down into a forward bend. Enter a mild boundary when bending down. 

safety Tip!
Bend the knees slightly if you have a lower back injury.



Inhale step the right or left leg back. In this case the right leg is shown stepping back.




Exhale down to Eight Limb Pose.

safety Tip!
If the arms, wrists or shoulders are weak or injured modify this pose. Try lowering less and then transitioning to Cobra.


Inhale up to Upward Facing Cobra pose.  (Enter Upward Dog Pose if you like.)

safety Tip!
Enter a mild boundary at first. Then progressively open the spine. This is a harmonious and gentle way to approach spine flexibility.


Exhale back to Downward Dog.



Inhale step the left leg forward.

Begin inhaling when the leg is more than halfway forward. When this is mastered try to Inhale lightly at the beginning of the motion.






Exhale straighten the left leg and open the hips into Triangle pose.






Enter Warrior 1 Pose with an inhalation.

safety Tip!
Take the legs a little closer to reduce the pressure on the lower back.





Exhale into a standing forward bend.




Inhale take the leg down and stretch the arms up.











Exhale back to standing.

Yoga Posture tadasana

Salutation Pose

asana utanasana

Lunge Pose



Cobra pose</a>  Bhujangasana

Downward Facing Dog pose
Adho Mukha Svanasana

Anjaneyasana lunge pose

Yoga Posture trikonasana

yoga position warrior 1

asana utanasana

Salutation Pose

 Yoga Posture tadasana

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