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Sun Salutation

Learn from many Sun Salutation Tutorials. Click on the Sun links for more information.  

All of the Sun Salutations below flow with the breath in continuous movement. At any time you can hold a pose and explore it. This can be done before flowing through the whole Sun Salutation continuously or after doing it continuously a number of times and then flowing once again or at the end of the salutations. One pose may be held or many postures can be held. The secret is to always explore many methods and monitor the response within.

If sun salutations aggravate your lower back it is essential to mildly tilt in the backbends and also in the Cobra Flow part.

I hope you enjoy these Sun Salutations as much as I did. What a beautiful way to practice spirituality."

Sun Salutations
See what happens when filming these Sun Salutations in the wrong spot. The videos are below  or click sun salutation button for a youtube video.

Yoga Video clip for windows and Video Clip for Mac

Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar

Crescent Moon Heart Flow
Demonstrates energy being pulled from the sun into the heart chakra. Balancing the energy and moving through the chakras is an important part of yoga and many forms of meditation in Buddhism.

sun salutation
Balancing Flow

Sun Salutation involves challenging balancing poses. They are blended in a flowing sequence with the breath.


Surya Namaskar

Balancing Warrior 3 Flow
This variation is even more challenging than the last. It involves balancing on one leg for many postures.      


surya namaskar link

Side Pose Flow
Side Pose Sun Salutation This is a nice way to tone the Quadriceps and stretch the hamstrings. There is only one balancing pose and that is Halfmoon.

yoga positions

Sundance of Koundinyasana
This Sun Salutation is named after the sage Koundinya. It is a more advanced Sun Salutation that's a little harder on the wrists than the arms.   

vinyasa flow sun

  Ardha Bhekasana Flow
This Sun Salutation allows you to become a little adventurous during the back bend phase and will hopefully open many more doors and choices for you.

Sun Salutation Basic
This Sun Salutation shows a very nice basic flow. It is very healthy for the spine and can be performed by all levels.


sun salute

    Tree Pose Sun Salutation
This Sun Salutation shows a challenging step back from Tree pose and Warrior 3 pose. There is also a challenging transition forward from Reverse Half Moon pose to Tree pose.

How to do sun salutation

Baddha Hasta Surya Namaskara
This is called Bound Hand Sun Salutation because of the 2 interlocked arm positions. Be gentle if you have a shoulder injury.  

Triangle Circles Salutation
This Sun Salutation opens up the side of the body as well as opening the shoulders when the arm is rotating.

How to do sun salutation
Lunging Splits
This flow shows a Sun Salutation that really opens teh hamstrings. Three movements in the lower part of the movement.

Crooked 8 limb Sage Salutation
This Sun Salutation is named after an ancient Indian sage called Astavakra who was aid to a legendary king called Jananka.


10 Sun Salutation Tips

Latest Sun Salutations!

Rising Hands Of Faith
July 2008
- This Sun Salutation is dedicated to the moments of deep faith in our life.    

Pigeon Flies to Tree
  June 2008
- This is a sweet yoga flow that creates flexibility in the hips and also strengthens them. It strengthens the gluteus muscles on the One Leg Downward Dog and Half Moon pose.

Sun Salutation
May 2008 - This Sun Salutation is interesting because on the way back it has a spinal twist. It is sometime nice to do postures like this before doing deeper spinal twists like Revolved Triangle when both legs are straight.

Sun Salutation
May 2008 Advanced
- This Sun Salutation involves a very dangerous flow into a pose called Ganda Bherundasana.

surya Namaskar
Traditional Warrior Flow

This flow shows the traditional Warrior sequence done in a flow. The sequence shows a complete flow. Each movement is done on an inhalation or an exhalation.


learn Surya Namaskar
Falling Warrior

This sequence is called Falling Warrior because of the high standing pose Warrior pose at the beginning and the Low standing pose Crescent Moon at the end which represents being brought to the knees.


learn Surya Namaskar
Winding Round Salutation
This vinyasa sequence was named Winding Round because ofthe way the arms move in circles like hands on a clock.

How to do sun salutation
Anjaneyasana Triangle Flow
This flow shows a sequence with Anjaneyasana also known as Crescent Lunge Pose. In this flow we unwind from the spinal twist called Parivrtta Trikonasana into Anjaneyasana.

Variation Rising Anjaneyasana Flow shows a rise from th elow Crescent Moon pose. Rising Crescent Moon with Triangle


Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskara Salute to the Sun
Sun Salutation 1 - Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

sun salutation
Sun Salutation 2 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

Sun Salutation 3 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

Surya Namaskara
Sun Salutation 4 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

sun salute
Sun Salutation 5 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - EnlargePic

surya namaskara
Sun Salutation 6 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

surya namaskara
Sun Salutation 7 Video Clips - Sun Salutaton (Win) - Sun Salutaton (Mac) - Enlarge Pic

Sun Salutation

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