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A yoga certification is something that is given to individuals who have completed a course in yoga.

These yoga certification courses vary greatly from a few hours to many hours. They vary from a broad introduction in yoga to specialized courses in different aspects of yoga.

There are some standards for yoga teacher training courses these days mainly laid out by the yoga alliance but they are pretty worthless although they do help you get teaching jobs as they are a card that states you have had 200 hours practice.

Many yoga certification courses are really bad and include a weekend course by some national organization usually 16 to 20 hours in total. Hardly enough to learn to teach yoga.

Yoga certifications are only a small part of learning an aspect of yoga as there are few schools that will teach you yoga aspects for hours and test you properly after.

The best way to really get good at yoga is to learn under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. An experienced yoga teacher is someone that has done yoga daily for 10 years or taught more that 5000 classes.

Giving your time for free or paying to help out an experienced yoga teacher as they teach or practice is far more informative that a group yoga certification. If this is at all possible we recommend you choose this way as a way of growth in the knowledge you seek.

This is the old ways of learning yoga.

Useful information for your Journey.

beginners yoga flow

  • Although this yoga exercise is called Cat flow it has 2 yoga poses in it. One is called Cat pose the other is called Cow pose.

    yoga teacher training
  • Outlines many important aspects of a yoga teacher training.

    written by Mark Giubarelli

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