Teaching Yoga Classes to Multi levels - Yoga Teacher Training

Multi-level Teaching - by Mark Giubarelli

yoga headstand - yoga teacher trainingyoga teacher trainingPractitioners fall into simple categories of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Many times they can all be in your class at the same time.

Occasionally beginners walk into a more progressed class. Their ability to follow instructor guidance is limited and their knowledge of yoga postures is non-existent. They need physical guidance and psychological motivation.

If yoga beginners are not helped when they walk into a fast flowing class they may very well be put off ever attending a yoga class again due to a feeling of inadequacy or inability to follow.

While doing this a master of teaching yoga also presents a perfectly challenging class for the other 2 levels of practitioner all during the same class. (Intermediate and Advanced)

It takes a true master of teaching to teach to all 3 levels of practitioners at the same time while pleasing all of them and giving them a very informative learning experience.


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