Yoga Class Design by Mark Giubarelli

Yoga classes prosper when time has been taken to plan out good safe yoga exercise routines that blend well throughout various parts of a yoga class and include safe alternatives for beginners.

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Yoga Flows
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There are many different yoga class formats that have varying effects on the body. Yoga classes with more movement seem to challenge cardiovascular elements of the practitioners more but the likelihood of injury increases with the speed of transitions and the deepness of the yoga postures performed.

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Yoga Class Design

Breaking a class up into different components helps in understanding the presentation of a yoga class. Here we break the class up into different parts:


Class Introduction
Welcoming practitioners with words of encouragement and gentle progression into pre-warm up.

Pre-Warm Up involves light stretches and an introduction to the type of yoga postures that will be performed in the warm up flow. Studies have shown that preparing students before fast flows allows them to follow along with more accuracy and better timing.

Warm Up
Usually a minimum of 20 minutes of yoga exercises in a flow to stimulate cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory health.

A warm up the flow does not usually have anything too intense but stimulates continual movement to create internal heat increasing internal blood flow and reducing the chance of injury.

Strength Flexibility Endurance

Wind Down

Guided meditation and visualization techniques. There are hundreds of meditation techniques you can use to guide you in your Yoga class. .

Usually Savasana which is a pose that involves lying on your back and resting. Instructor can remain quite, give light guidance or complete guidance during this stage. It is nice to lay down as an instructor at the end of a yoga class but practitioner will prefer a little guidance.
Otherwise their minds will wander.



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