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Using The Yoga Sutras during teaqching by Mark Giubarelli

Now begins the sacred instructions of union.
Yoga Sutra 1-1 Audio mp3

It is nice to open up a class with this Sutra. It is the first of Patanjali's
Sutras and should be the first used in class.


yoga sutras
Union by stopping mind activity.
Yoga Sutra 1-2 Audio mp3

This Sutra can be used as you give advice on how to remove thoughts

and empty the mind completely.

yoga sutras
At this time the seer enters their own true state.
Yoga Sutra 1-3 Audio mp3

When you have succesfully removed thoughts with guided meditation

take a moment to quote this sutra.


Practice is the continued effort to still the reoccurring mind fluctuations.
Yoga Sutra 1-13 Audio mp3

This Sutra can be used to clearly identify the essence of the practice of yoga.



Practice for a long time with devotion and enthusiasm.
Yoga Sutra 1-14 Audio mp3

This can be used to reflect the need for long duration practice.


yoga sutras
Previous knowledge and memory serve the cause. Faith, 
strength and profound meditation lead us further.
Yoga Sutra 1-20 Audio mp3

Used to encourage strength and determination during meditation.

yoga sutras
Union is near for those with faith and vigor.
Yoga Sutra 1-21 Audio mp3
Used to encourage determination and rewards.

yoga sutras
The results vary depending on intensity and dedication toward 
union. There is a mild, medium and intense approach.
Yoga Sutra 1-22 Audio mp3
Used to state the different types of practitioners.

yoga sutras
Complete surrender to God in profound meditation brings union.
Yoga Sutra 1-23 Audio mp3

Used to encourage complete surrender in meditation.

yoga sutras
God becomes present in the sacred sound of Aum.
Yoga Sutra 1-27 Audio mp3
Used to show the Aum sound as one of the ways of union.

yoga sutras
This is the purpose of repeating the sacred sound.
Yoga Sutra 1-28 Audio mp3
Re-inforce the meaning of the Aum sound.

yoga sutras
Then the soul and inner self are discovered. Intervention 
to further remove obstacles from the path so they become absent.
Yoga Sutra 1-29 Audio mp3
Used to encorage a deepening in meditation and

encoragment to remove and obstacles.

yoga sutras
Other distractions are sorrow, Despair, anxiety, improper breathing and an unfocused mind.
Yoga Sutra 1-31 Audio mp3

Used to point out distractions and other obstacles.


yoga sutras
To prevent this follow a devotional one pointed practice.
Yoga Sutra 1-32 Audio mp3
Used to encourage focus.

yoga sutras
After exhalation, during the stillness before inhalation, 
there is calmness. This can remove distractions.
Yoga Sutra 1-34 Audio mp3

The pont between breaths is a great time of stillness. This can

be enphisized to encourage a deeper calm.

yoga sutras
Or by removing all sorrow and meditating on a shining state of illumination within.
Yoga Sutra 1-36 Audio mp3
This is one of the main techniques that can be taught around.
It is a great form of visulization that can bring about a state of yoga.

yoga sutras
This knowledge is not based on memory. It is beyond 
that which has been attained from external sources.
Yoga Sutra 1-49 Audio mp3
Used to reflect upon deeper knowledge gained from meditation.

With burning desire reflect upon and understand the self,
understand the sacred text and surrender all actions to God.
Yoga Sutra 2-1 Audio mp3
The way of a dedicated spiritual follower are laid out.

Meditate profoundly on becoming completely absorbed to reduce afflictions.
Yoga Sutra 2-2 Audio mp3
Suffering cannot exist in a state of union. This is shown here.

Then future suffering can also be prevented.
Yoga Sutra 2-16 Audio mp3

Pain comes from the inability to separate true self from the illusory self.
Yoga Sutra 2-17 Audio mp3

With devoted practice in these aspects of Yoga, impurities and
obstacles are eliminated and true wisdom in its essence shines.
Yoga Sutra 2-28 Audio mp3

These seven aspects are self restraint, universal laws, sacred posture, regulation of breath, control and restraint of the senses, concentration and meditation. With their practice comes the eighth aspect of Yoga. This is a state of being absolutely absorbed in the source of life.
Yoga Sutra 2-29 Audio mp3

A deeper happiness in gained when the practitioner is content.
Yoga Sutra 2-42 Audio mp3

Burning zeal and faith in practice removes impurities and enables
the practitioner to gain the power necessary to control the senses.
Yoga Sutra 2-43 Audio mp3

Self study and reflection on a desired deity brings one into union.
Yoga Sutra 2-44 Audio mp3

Absolute absorption in unity is accomplished though surrender to God.
Yoga Sutra 2-45 Audio mp3

Happiness, steadiness and firmness must be felt in the sacred postures.
Yoga Sutra 2-46 Audio mp3

Passiveness is necessary for endurance when this infinite art of form is practiced.
Yoga Sutra 2-47 Audio mp3

Then conflictions and disturbances cease.
Yoga Sutra 2-48 Audio mp3

With this mastered one then begins vital breath exercise to control energy flow.
Retentions and motions of inhalations and exhalations are involved.
Yoga Sutra 2-49 Audio mp3

The 3 parts: inhalation, exhalation and the retentions are
observed, the time is measured, and carefully lengthened.
Yoga Sutra 2-50 Audio mp3

Breath becomes stable, rhythmic and natural.
Yoga Sutra 2-51 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Continual peace flows when these rising impressions are suppressed.
Yoga Sutra 3-10 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Consciousness of others is known.
Yoga Sutra 3-19 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Samyama on strength allows its growth to that of an elephant.
Yoga Sutra 3-25 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Samyama on the hollow in the throat
brings control over hunger and thirst.
Yoga Sutra 3-31 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Mastery of one of the five pranas (udana) moves energy from the
lower body upward creating a lightness and ascension that allows
one to move over water, mud, thorns and more without contact.
Yoga Sutra 3-40 Audio mp3


yoga sutras
Relationship between the physical body and body of ether is known.
This physical body can be constrained in order for the body of ether
to become light like a cotton fiber. It can then move through space.
Yoga Sutra 3-43 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
A graceful attractive form, charm, beauty, great
strength and firmness is perfection in body.
Yoga Sutra 3-47 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
The afflictions of Karma cease to affect us.
Yoga Sutra 4-30 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Approaching the end of the journey, moments of interruption cease, in
due course, illuminative states of transformation and expansion prevail.
Yoga Sutra 4-33 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
Universal requirements of life have been achieved and moved aside or discarded, the qualities of nature no longer draw the seer, all can be left behind as movement is made back into the purity of consciousness experienced before birth, a beautiful liberation overcomes our essence and a pure consciousness is firmly established with life's source.
Yoga Sutra 4-34 Audio mp3

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