Yoga Teacher Training - Instructor Health

Teaching yoga and remaining healthy is quite challenging especially when you teach many classes. All too often yoga teachers struggle with their energy levels and health.

Instructors can often get burned out and begin to lack motivation and enthusiasm.

When bodily aches and pains do not heal easily the body is overworked and under nourished.

Care must be taken with every little injury you get. Something that suddenly hurts can often become chronic if uncared for. Your body’s health is essential for your income.

Teaching yoga classes is a huge responsibility in many levels. A lot of energy is used to guide, motivate and positively encourage practitioner while attending your class. This can be very draining on a mental and physical level.

You may be surprised by the number of yoga teachers who do not properly rest. Being do to your body allows you to keep energy levels high which reflects in motivation levels and enthusiasm levels during class. Instructor motivation and student motivation go hand in hand.

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Learn the art of resting and rejuvenation. Proper sleeping habits and habits that encourage a good deep sleep before closing your eyes, such as pleasant reading of some kind of relaxing breathing technique, must be practiced for good energy levels.


Proper nutrition is also essential if your practice is hard and daily. Protein requirements may be a lot higher than you expect to help heal and repair muscle damage from overstretching.

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