Yoga Teacher Training - Stages Of Learning

Stages Of Practitioners Learning Ability - by Mark Giubarelli

Teaching highly effective yoga classes requires knowledge of various stages of learning in practitioners attending a yoga class.

Mark Giubarelli likes to reflect upon an old mthod of using sheaths called koshas.

Motivation levels within practitioners will greatly vary. Although motivating participants is very much influenced by the instructor motivational skills it also must come from within a practitioner. Those who lack motivation will inevitably take longer to develop skills.

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The Layers of Learning - Koshas

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Annamaya kosha

In this layer of learning practitioners must comprehend yoga postures and movement.

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Pranamaya kosha

In this layer of learning practitioners ability to breathe correctly during a yoga posture and during a transition is increased.


Manamaya kosha

The mental and emotional response to performing yoga poses greatly affects the overall experience of an individual.

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Vijnanamaya kosha

Studies have shown that continually educating practitioners during a yoga class allows students to feel more confident with their knowledge and increases their motivation and likelihood of returning. Educating practitioners correctly allows them to become confident and independent.


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