Headstand Circles Sun Salutation (No 10)

This Sun Salutation involves Headstand variations. It is not for those who have yet to  master the basic Headstand pose.

It shows a slight tilt and a kick up into the headstand. This seems a little unsafe so be careful. There are many other ways to enter the headstand and many different headstand postures. This one shows how to enter into the headstand doing the splits. It enables good control as the leg positions stabilize the body.

The circles are done to create an openness around the hips and groin. It feels balancing to open the legs in this manner and the sensation of joint freedom when the legs are opened has a lasting effect on the mind.

Once you have mastered this movement it can be performed many times before coming down. Be careful not to tilt the lower back too much as it rubs and grinds the discs. Aim to keep a little space in the lower back when doing this.  



Stand in Tadasana.








Inhale into a backbend.

Exhale into a forward bend.








Inhale and step the right leg back.








Exhale into Downward Dog.






Inhale forward into Plank Pose








Exhale into Eight Limb Pose.

Inhale into Cobra pose.

Exhale into Locust pose.

Inhale into Cobra. This time look up.

Exhale back to Child pose.

Keep the knees open a little.

Inhale raise the arms up.

Place the arms down in front of you about shoulder width apart.

Exhale stepping one leg slightly forward then step up to the headstand and do the splits wide apart.

Hold for a moment then open the legs in a full circle until they are switched the opposite way.

Begin to reverse the circles in the opposite direction.

Slowly make the circle while breathing  slow and deep so that the inner leg muscles open well and balance is maintained.

Many circles can be made so that the legs open fully.

Exhale on the way down for better control of the muscles. Perhaps take the time to take a large inhalation before exiting the pose with an exhalation.

Inhale up with the arms.

Open the ankles wider apart to sit on the mat or sit on the heels with less strain on the knees.

Inhale as you raise out of Child Pose Balasana.

Exhale into Downward Dog, Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Inhale forward a little for momentum.

Exhale and raise the left leg up and back.

Its nice to go for a straight line of energy through the arms and up through the leg and feet..The toes are pointed for a lifting energy.

The left leg can be tilted up for a deeper raise and greater groin stretch. The weight will shift to the right arm when this is performed.

Take a breath up there and exhale on the way forward if you prefer.

If you can master inhaling on the way forward with the left leg you will not need to take an extra inhalation in the previous pose.

Exhale into a forward bend.

Inhale and raise the arms up.

Exhale into Tadasana with the hands in prayer position.

Perform the same sequence on the opposite leg. If you like you can vary the headstand sequence each time or simple perform the same one.


Yoga Posture tadasana

Salutation Pose

asana utanasana

Lunge Pose

Downward Facing Dog pose
Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Facing Staff Pose
Adho Mukha Dandasana


chaturanga dandasana
Chaturanga Dandasana



  Yoga Posture Samabhasana




Balasana child pose

Virasana Hero Pose

Yoga Positions headstand
Utthita Pada Sirsasana

Virasana Hero Pose

Balasana child pose

Downward Facing Dog pose
Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Dog
Eka Pada Adho Muka Svanasana

Lunge Pose

asana utanasana

Yoga Posture tadasana

Yoga Breathing Techniques

Perform Ujjayi Pranayama.
Stage 3
Inhale and restrict the air flow to make the sound "sssss". Keep the sound constant and smooth. Exhale make a sound with the mouth closed that sounds like "hhhhha".

Don't hold the breath yet just warm up and work on smooth sound when inhaling and exhaling. Work on the changes in breath becoming smoother and longer also. This occurs when the breath crosses from inhalations to exhalations and exhalations to inhalations.
Download the Ujjayi Pranayama mp3

Do this for at least 5 minutes.

Then progress towards holding after the inhalation and then the exhalation as well.
Inhale restrict the air flow to make the sound "sssss". Keep the sound constant and smooth.

Pause at the top of the breath (antara kumbhaka).
Exhale and make the sound "hhhha" keeping the sound constant and smooth.
Pause at the bottom of the breath (bahya kumbhaka).
Ujjayi Pranayama mp3

Then perform Surya Bhedana pranayama.
This is a type of breath that occurs through the Sun channel in the body, Surya meaning Sun.

Stage 2 - Surya Bhedana nostril. (Puraka)
Hold after inhalation. The first few times hold for a few seconds. Gradually increase the duration of the time after inhalation. (Antara Kumbhaka)

Exhale out through the left nostril. Allow the exhalation to be longer than the inhalation.
Surya Bhedana mp3

Do this breath as for as long as it takes to feel open through the energy flow that the breath takes. Look for blockages and remove them as you perform this pranayama. They can be opened by creating more space or by thinking the flow open with the conscious mind but first the flow of air and energy must be understood by continual observation and practice.

by Mark Giubarelli

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