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10 Beginners Yoga Tips

1. Find a class suitable for your fitness level
If you have not done much exercise for a while it may be best to find a slower paced more gentle class. If you are physically active you can probably get away with jumping in to a more advanced class.

2. Wear suitable Clothing
Make sure you have clothing that does not restrict movements in any way. It is also essential to find something somewhat fashionable even for beginners yoga ;)

3. Tell Your Teacher If You Have Injuries
Be very careful if you have lower back injuries as overexertion can aggravate back pain despite yoga having a great name for curing back pain. See more about yoga for back Pain.

Also be careful with knee injuries and shoulder injuries as a lot of yoga poses can aggravate them. More about yoga and knee injuries - yoga and shoulder injuries.

4. Find An Experienced Teacher
Highly experienced teachers are good at motivation and injury prevention. You will have a better experience if you see a teacher that has been teaching yoga for years.

5. Buy A Yoga Mat
You can get yoga mats anywhere for next to nothing. Do you want to put your nose on a mat that some stranger has had the feet on. No Thanks! and you have to pay to hire one anyway.

See more about yoga mats.

6. Try A Couple Of Different Yoga Classes
You may find you turn up for class and it bored you terribly or you went into a class that was very advanced and a little dangerous. Try a couple of different yoga classes don't give up after one class.

Most Yoga studios offer a special price for yoga beginners so take advantage if the studio you go to has a discounted special to get you started.

7. Go With Friends
It is easier to stick with your yoga if you are part of a group of friends that go. You have more fun with your friends and when you don't feel like going they will persuade you. After class you will always feel better that you went.

8. Stay Hydrated and Dry
Bring some water if it is a hot yoga class. Take a towel too.

9. Feel Comfortable As A Beginner In Yoga
We all started somewhere and we were all wondering where to go next and how on earth we are going to get into that next position. Don't be put off or feel out of place. Yoga is a sanctuary for you.

10. Skip Something That Seems Dangerous
You can always attempt it in time when you learn the proper technique but don't force yourself to do something that is clearly dangerous. Many classes may encourage things that are high risk. It is not wrong and can add a little bit of spice to a class but be careful.

Very Important ! Never force deep into poses in the beginning.

More on Beginners Yoga - Beginner Yoga Poses -beginner yoga positions.

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