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Adrenal Gland Disorders

There are two adrenal glands in our body. They are situated above the kidneys and consist of and inner part (medulla) and outer part (cortex). The inner part secretes hormones that affect many aspects of the sympathetic nervous system. The outer part plays an important role in the potassium and salt levels in our body. Both inner and outer parts of the adrenal gland affect our blood pressure. Fluctuating heart rhythms will usually accompany adrenal problems.

Problems can be caused by the hypothalamus or pituitary failing to produce hormones that control the adrenal glands or some kind of cancer, disease or infection in or around the gland. In many cases the actual cause is unknown but we suspect it may be an autoimmune response. Some less serious problems can be caused by poor diet and lifestyle.

Major problems can occur when the adrenal glands produce to much or to little hormone. If you have had part or all of your adrenal glands removed you will need to be medicated by modern medicine. These pages will help make the amount you need as small as possible.

Your Yoga sequence of postures: Adrenal Gland stimulation sequence.

When the area around the adrenal gland is moved in every direction a number of times hormone from the adrenal gland are carried around the body with ease. This can cause the pituitary to be more perceptive of the amounts and balance of a hormone in the body and react. Also many of the symptoms that follow an overactive adrenal gland can be greatly reduced such as the stomach pain and acidity. Appetite can be returned to normal almost immediately after performing a sequence.

Just some of the benefits of performing a regular sequence are above. But it must be done daily for at least 30 minutes before results are felt. You cannot do the yoga sequence once every 3 days and expect to feel much better. The yoga will help balance the body but the effect will slowly ware away throughout the day. So it should really be done twice a day. If done correct you can feel completely calm and balanced.

We have created a sequence that moves blood to the pituitary and causes lots of movement around the adrenal glands. The sequence is designed to move fluids around the body completely without to much strain on the muscles. The sequence may be beneficial to under active adrenal gland problems because it stimulates under active adrenal glands while giving them a gentle massage and aiding the distribution of hormone being release from them.

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